Insurance Authentication and Monitoring Made Easy

Only having "proof" of insurance isn't enough. An insurance card or copy of your resident, buyer, or renter’s policy won’t protect you if there isn’t anything behind it. Verifying that your customers have active and adequate insurance during life events is vital to protecting your company, your assets, and your peace of mind.

But the verification process is broken. It’s:

Time Consuming


Limited Scope

Modives is the only solution that makes the end-to-end process of authenticating insurance, monitoring, and providing access to coverage options easy with its simple and automated system.

Modives Insurance Authentication Solutions For:

Property Management and Landlords

Requiring that residents are insured helps protect both you and your renters, ensuring that any damages or losses are covered rather than falling solely on your shoulders.

But ensuring their renters insurance remains active and adequate throughout their lease is challenging. Modives ensures your risk protection lives up to its promise.

Auto Dealerships

A vehicle can’t roll off the lot without making sure it’s properly insured, but verifying insurance is a pain point for dealers and consumers. Modives builds a better customer experience while saving you time and remaining compliant.

With CheckMy Driver, Modives offers a consumer-driven and intuitive insurance authentication process to qualify your buyer in a fraction of the current wait time through our automation.

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