Who We Are

When your customers have personal insurance, it protects your company, your assets, and your peace of mind.

But insurance authentication is broken: it’s a time-consuming and aggravating process that only provides a snapshot of current insured status. After devoting time on the phone to verify insurance with a carrier, your agreement could be in jeopardy if your customer alters their policy.

Our mission is to ensure our partners’ risk protection processes lives up to their promise.

Modives provides you with transparency into the existing and evolving insurance-related risks during your customers’ life events, authenticating that adequate insurance is in place and enabling easy access to insurance products if it isn’t. After verification, Modives monitors changes to your customers’ coverage over time to determine whether their insurance provides the protection you expect.

Your customers’ insurance only mitigates your risk if it is active and adequate. Authenticating and monitoring their policy to keep you protected is our Modivation.

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