Check Insurance Verification Off Your To-Do List

Verify and monitor insurance is active, accurate, and adequate in seconds through our AI-driven analysis so you don’t have to.

Our API can integrate into your application or customer experience quickly.

Optimized For:

Auto Dealerships

Vehicle Rentals

Gig Drivers

Multi-Family Rentals

Student or Senior Housing

Single-Family Rentals

How Our API Works

Connecting with Modives via API embeds actionable, AI-driven business insights into your application.
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Getting Beyond the Data

Getting access to your customers’ insurance policy information is useless until it’s interpreted, and manual review isn’t scalable. Trying to find discrepancies is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

CheckMy API delivers the only automated insurance verification process, checking that their coverage is:

Active: If their policy isn't in force, it can't protect your business.

Accurate: If the information on their declaration page doesn't match their name, address, and other information on their identification, their policy may not cover your losses.

Adequate: If their coverages don't meet state minumums or your requirements, they may need to update their policy.

Level Up Your Business with Modives

CheckMy API makes insurance verification and monitoring easy during auto and property transactions.

Sliding into your current processes and technologies effortlessly, our technology reduces friction and seamlessly improves your business, with benefits including:

✓ Ancillary Income
Generate additional revenue for your business

✓ Insurance Remediation
When your customer's coverage misses the mark, we'll help them get back on track

✓ Time Savings
We check coverages so you don't have to waste time with manual declaration page review

✓ 100% Carrier Coverage
There are no gaps to fill when verifying through CheckMy API

✓ Trusted and Secure
Your customers' personal data is protected, encrypted in transit and at rest

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