CheckMy Driver

For Independent Dealers and BHPH/LPHP

Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out that your customer’s insurance policy is cancelled or changed.

CheckMy Driver uses a real-time process to verify their policy on delivery and can keep an eye on their insurance, monitoring it regularly to catch any changes and instantly notify you.

14% of Drivers Are Uninsured

Even if your customer is insured at the time of purchase, they could cancel their policy or have it dropped due to non-payment in just days.

With CheckMy Driver, you won’t have to wait to be notified of a cancellation. Monitoring will pick up on a change in coverage or cancellation up to 60 days before you receive notice, protecting your assets.

We Fix the Broken Insurance Verification Process

Real-Time Verification and Monitoring

No more dec pages to review! After one simple login directly with the insurance company, your customer’s coverage is verified in real time to ensure it is active, accurate, and adequate. CheckMy Driver automatically monitors their policy for changes so you don’t have to!

Stop Wasting Time

What happens if they cancel their policy or lower their limits to save money right after verification? No worries, CheckMy Resident monitors their coverage regularly automatically,

Reduce Compliance Risk

With the FTC ruling that auto dealerships are financial institutions, they now face more scrutiny than ever before. CheckMy Driver eliminates compliance threats from this process, reducing your risk and liability.

How It Works - As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Step 1

Trigger Verification for Your Customer

Step 2

Customer Signs In, Verifies Coverage

Embedded Insurance Options if Coverage Inactive or Inadequate

Step 3

You and Customer Receive Results


Policy Monitored for Changes

You’re Alerted if Their Policy is Cancelled or Changed

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