Collecting insurance documents isn’t sufficient. Traditional verification and monitoring is outdated and leads to failures including:

CheckMy Driver is the only automated insurance verification and monitoring  application that makes the process easy and helps you protect your business.


14% of Drivers are Uninsured

Even if your customer is insured at the time of purchase, they could cancel their policy or have it dropped due to non-payment in just days.

With CheckMy Driver, you won’t have to wait to be notified of a cancellation. Monitoring will pick up on a change in coverage or cancellation up to 60 days before you receive notice, protecting your assets.

Learn How We Make Insurance Verification and Monitoring Easy

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CheckMy Driver Fixes the Broken Insurance Verification and Monitoring Process

Real-Time Verification and Monitoring

What happens if they cancel their policy or lower their limits to save money right after verification? No worries, CheckMy Driver monitors their coverage regularly automatically.

Stop Wasting Time

Why wait until they’re ready to drive to check? Automatically verify your driver’s policy is active and adequate anytime, including before their reservation.

Reduce Compliance Risk

With the FTC ruling that auto dealerships are financial institutions, they now face more scrutiny than ever before. CheckMy Driver eliminates compliance threats from this process, reducing your risk and liability.

‘Additional Interest’ Isn’t Good Enough

Being listed as an ‘additional interest’ on a borrower’s insurance policy doesn’t cover your assets, it leaves you with gaps and more work. CheckMy Driver fixes that problem, automating insurance monitoring and providing the transparency you need.

CheckMy Driver

Additional Interest Notifications

Two Ways to Get Started with CheckMy Driver

User-Friendly Application

No Tech resources? No problem! Get up and running on our easy-to-use web application in minutes.

Flexible API

Want to pull our verification and monitoring processes into your own systems? Our API can meet your needs.