Modives Announces Partnership with Bindable

InsurTech Brings Embedded Insurance to Property Business Solution

Charlotte, NC, October 18, 2023 — Ahead of launching its pilot program with property management companies in November, Modives announced today a partnership with industry titan Bindable to include myriad features for property management and owner-landlords through the Modives business solution.

“Through our partnership with Bindable, we’re setting a new bar for end-to-end process simplification for property managers and owner-landlords,” said Frederick Waite, Modives CEO. “Knowing whether your applicant or resident is actively and adequately insured through Modives authentication and monitoring is a great start. But with this partnership, Modives will offer embedded insurance options if their renters policy doesn’t meet your requirements.”

By combining consumer-driven insurance verification and regular monitoring, Modives gives property management and owner-landlords peace of mind and business security, verifying with insurance carriers that their residents are appropriately insured to cover their risks throughout the term of their lease.

“We’re really excited about the distinct value Bindable and Modives together can bring to the property insurance market through this partnership,” said Bindable Co-Founder and CEO Bill Suneson. “Offering residents direct access to insurance coverage during the leasing process is a smart business move that truly benefits all parties. It not only adds an element of convenience for the residents, but also simplifies the insurance verification aspect for property management and landlord-owners, hastening the speed in which they conduct business while also reducing their own risks.”

Following a successful seed round of funding, Modives is launching its property insurance authentication product, CheckMy Resident, with pilot customers in November, followed quickly by a pilot test for its auto insurance authentication product, CheckMy Driver.
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About Modives

Modives makes personal insurance verification simple for auto dealerships, property management and landlords. With its patent-pending platform, Modives verifies auto buyer and property renter insurance, eliminating time wasted on manual processes, creating a better customer experience.

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