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Modives makes insurance authentication easy for you and your customer, pre-qualifying buyers earlier in the process to create a better customer experience.

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How It Works

During the sales or pre-sales process, the dealership initiates the insurance authentication process, submitting the applicant’s information through Modives’ easy-to-use online form.
Once the buyer receives notice through email or text, Modives guides them through its authentication process, providing insurance offers if they are not adequately insured.
When Modives verifies that insurance is active and adequate, it notifies both the dealership and the buyer of success to keep the sales process flowing smoothly.
Additional options for a white-glove Change/Add process, monitoring to determine whether insurance remains active and adequate for loaners, and a soft-pull on insurance authentication to pre-qualify shoppers.

Insurance Authentication to determine whether your buyer’s coverage is active and adequate to meet state requirements.

Through its buyer-driven insurance authentication process, Modives meets all compliance requirements, taking the burden of data security.

Know immediately when your buyer’s insurance is authenticated for active and adequate coverage, letting you focus on the next step in the sales process.

User-friendly reporting and alert systems to let you know the status of your protection.

No technical resources needed to set up and little effort to start and maintain the system.

Protect your service department by knowing that your customer has active and adequate insurance, covering your risk.

By authenticating that insurance is active early in the process, avoid headaches down the sales funnel and help your buyer prepare for a successful and speedy sale.

Is Your Service Department Protected?

With Modives insurance authentication, know that your loaners are covered by your customer’s active and adequate insurance.

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