Property Management

Make sure your residents have the active and adequate coverage you require with Modives insurance authentication and monitoring.


of renters policies are terminated within the first 180 days of issuance. Don't let yourself be at risk. Get the transparency you need into your exposures with CheckMy Resident.

Reduce Your Risk

Resident negligence drives an average of $1.2 billion in property damages annually, which is why you require renters insurance. But do you know if their coverage is active and adequate?


in estimated property damages annually due to resident negligence, which is why you require renters insurance. But do you know if their coverage is active and adequate?

How It Works

During the rental application, Property Management initiates the insurance authentication process, submitting the applicant’s information through Modives’ easy-to-use online form.

Once the applicant receives notice through email or text, Modives guides them through its authentication process, providing insurance offers if they are not adequately insured.

When Modives verifies that insurance is active and adequate, it notifies both Property Management and the applicant of success to keep the application process flowing smoothly.
On a regular basis, Modives verifies that your resident’s insurance remains active and adequate, alerting you and the resident if they fall out of compliance and providing insurance options.
If there are changes to the policy that drive it out of compliance either due to inactive status or inadequacy, Modives notifies both Property Management and the resident, offering easy access to insurance coverage options and other solutions.

Insurance authentication to determine whether your residents’ coverage is active and adequate to cover your risks.

Monitoring to regularly verify that the insurance you expect your residents to have is still in place and hasn’t been cancelled or adjusted below your required coverage limits.

Embedded insurance to help your residents easily find great coverage if they don’t already have a policy.

Easy access to insurance options for your residents to cover their risk and yours if their renters insurance is found to be inactive or inadequate.

User-friendly reporting and alert systems to let you know the status of your protection.

No technical resources needed to set up and little effort to start and maintain the system.

Auditing available to authenticate and monitor your current residents so you don’t have to wait for turnover to ensure you’re protected.

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